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iPad Drawings on Metal Prints

Anne DeGheest

Drawing at the Pixel level on my iPad, I achieve high definition images that are printed on MetalPrints,™ a new art medium using dyes directly infused in aluminum sheet under intense heat and pressure. The image is “baked into the metal” with a High Gloss surface coating to protect against scratches, water and heat.

Ready for Hanging: all art sizes have a special Float Mount Hanger, attached to the back, to float the art ½ inch from wall. 

Long Lasting: Metal Prints have a considerable longevity up to 85-100 years without fading, when displayed in controlled environments (no direct sunlight or outdoor). The lightweight print’s surface can be easily cleaned with household products.

Unique Artistic Journey 

My mom was an artist while I was growing up in Belgium.After moving to the US for graduate school, I embarked on an entrepreneurial and investment career in the medical device and healthcare technology fields… but continued to explore the world using photography as a media to capture the amazing beauty of nature and wildlife. After my mom passed away, I felt an urge to start drawing, first with black pencils, then colored ink pens, then watercolor pastel… until I discovered digital drawing with my iPad pencil.  Over the last 15 years, I expanded my self-taught artistic skills into a unique drawing style.

More than Just a Drawing

My artistic focus is on leveraging the art of nature with wildlife scenarios that trigger within us an emotional response using creative wildlife composition or more meditative abstract drawings.  
My goal is to create a “Wow” factor that makes us pause from our busy daily life to reflect and appreciate the beauty of life around us. 

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A DeGheest Art Booth
A DeGheest Art Booth