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HD Drawings with Magical Luminescence

Drawing at the pixel level, the artist achieves high definition images that are printed on metallic prints with high gloss protection with a frame ready for hanging. 

MetalPrints™ represent a new art medium for preserving images by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The images  take on a magical luminescence and create a new form of arts and crafts!

digital drawing of Kingfisher birds fighting over a shrimp

More than Just a Drawing

Inspired by wildlife scenarios or more modern designs, the artist draws on her creativity to create unique handmade drawings and give a 3 D perspective with her High Definition touches at the pixel level


Ready to Hang

All Metal Prints have Float Mount Hanger attached to the back of the print, that floats the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung.  No need to buy expensive frame! 


Flat Fee Shipping

 We charge a flat fee of $16 to ship, via FEDEX, within  the US. All orders are custom made by our Print Labs and drop shipped to your house, within 7 to 14 days depending on location. 


High Gloss Finish

We recommend High Gloss Finish which provides unsurpassed detail and vibrancy. 

However, we offer, at extra cost, two other finish options of  Satin or Mid-Gloss coating  surfaces for locations requiring lower glare reflection .


Three Different Sizes

 Most  Metal Prints come in Three Sizes: 

·  8" by 12"     for $150

· 12" by 18"    for $200

· 16" by 24"    for $350

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